Assistance in the investment

Poland is an excellent place to invest and develop business. While there was a recession in Europe, Poland was the only country that recorded economic growth. CRA reports highlight the economic and political stability of the country. In conjunction with a large number of highly educated workforce Poland is an ideal place for investment funds.

The implementation of the investment process (in particular, led by the overseas market) is a highly complex process and requires knowledge of market realities. Meeting foreign investors expectations, our company offers full support in the preparation and implementation of the investment project.

For the investor, we perform a number of administrative, legal and technical activities, which together with a full "due diligence" examination, allow for an assessment of the prospects of investment, as well as its smooth running.

Actions we perform, as part of our mandate, may include:

  • Economic analysis of the investment;
  • Selection of a convenient location along with an analysis of the investment market demand;
  • An analysis of the legal status of property and the local land use plan;
  • Support for terrain-covering legal separation, property division and renewal;
  • Geological survey of the land;
  • Assistance in the designing and obtaining of the necessary administrative decisions;
  • Support during the construction process;
  • The presence at the procedures involved with finalizing the project.

If you are interested in investing in Polish land, we are ready to provide you with a complete and professional support based on years of experience in doing business in the Polish reality.

We invite you to cooperation.