The division of estates

We provide comprehensive real estate services in the field of demarcations, borders renewals and divisions. We participate in all administrative proceedings supervising and ensuring the smooth running of the project.

Urząd Miasta Katowice

  • Modernization of land records of Katowice approximately 69 000 plots
  • Work connected with the lanes control
  • Separation of residential buildings - 440 plots

Urząd Miasta Ruda Śląska

  • Modernization of land records of Kłodnica

Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg

  • A4 highway- the division of National estate and highways

Metropolis SA

  • Field service as well as the division of 95 ha Synergy Park, Highway Pint, Panorama

Nestin Polska

  • Field service as well as the division of Planty Śląskie

Quinlan Private Golub

  • podział geodezyjny 75 działek

Muven SC

  • Surveying division of  75 plots

Huta Zawiercie

  • Surveying division across 140 ha


  • ownership maps together with an examination of the legal status of 4500 plots

Residential housing Brynów

  • Surveying division 120 plots

Murcki Neighbourhood

  • Surveying division 360 plots

Housing association PIAST

  • Surveying division 60 plots

KWK Staszic Dzielnica Giszowiec

  • Surveying division 530 plots